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New Website

If you’re looking for the book, here’s the new website:

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Denied 3x: Visa denied to Deaf Researcher

The US Embassy Bangkok denied Tosawan Malabuppha’s visa for the third time earlier today. She was taken to a separate table.  They found a technicality-like one sentence had been changed between one of the letters to the letter she brought.  (It had been changed. I reread it and realized I had mistakenly put the wrong country into one sentence. I fixed it for her third interview.)  They keep saying she doesn’t have enough ties to Thailand.  A lawyer looked over it.  I can’t win this.


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US Embassy Bangkok Denies Visa

The US Embassy in Bangkok has denied Tosawan Malabuppha’s visa the second time after Congressman Chris Van Hollen wrote a letter of support, she had ample evidence of return to Bangkok upon completion of her presentation at the Mormon History Association conference, and all expenses had been paid for her trip.

Tosawan Malabuppha said that the second officer reviewing her case spoke with the first officer who had denied her visa before denying it a second time.

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Rep Van Hollen supports People with Disabilities

Congressman Chris Van Hollen has written Tosawan Malabuppha (Thai Deaf Research Assistant), a letter of support to obtain a visa to present at the Mormon History Association conference June 4-7. Her second visa appointment is scheduled with the US Embassy in Bangkok for 5/8 9am BKK, 5/7 10pm EST, 5/7 8pm MDT. We appreciate Representative Van Hollen’s support and commitment to people with disabilities.

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