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Association for Asian Studies Day 3

Day Three. Are you still with me? I thoroughly enjoyed this conference.

I believe that for a narrative non-fiction book, I need to understand not only what people looked like but why. Hence I attended this session.

They talked a lot about hybrid dress meaning the styles from both the East and the West. Later a man commented that if every dress was a hybrid then there may not be such a thing a non-hybrid.

This comment was very thought provoking.

This comment followed on from the last comment. I thought it might be interesting to look at this when analyzing Luddington’s journals.

Again, social history in the form of dress or coins can provide fascinating insight into situations that could be missed otherwise.

This comment was challenging our assumptions about burial practices.

And incidentally, as of this writing (5/22) I am almost done with her book, An Alternative History.

We couldn’t miss out on a story about a guy from Utah making a significant impact in Tibet.

Fiscal history may not be poetry but Perdue’s line was. He made me interested in fiscal history by his excellent commentary.


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