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Christianity is Asian

Christianity is originally Asian. Palestine, the birthplace of Christianity, is an Asian location with Asian tradition and temperament. Find out in the next few posts why Christianity was controversial, though, in the 1850’s.


Swami Prabhavananda wrote a book, The Sermon on the Mount According to Vedanta comparing Christ’s teachings with Hindu spiritual teachings and worship.  Here are samples of how he connects Hinduism and Christianity:

“Many of our monks quote Christ’s words to explain and illustrate spiritual truths, perceiving an essential unity between his message and the message of our Hindu seers and sages.” Loc 79

“And Jesus taught the multitudes according to their capacity; but his Sermon, which contains his highest teachings, he reserved for his disciples, for those who were spiritually ready….Every spiritual teacher, whether he is a divine incarnation or an illumined soul, has two sets of teachings–one for the multitude, the other for his disciples.” Loc 86-91

“Shortly after Sri Ramakrishna’s death [Sri Ramakrishna is a Hindu spiritual leader given the distinction of divine worship.], nine of his young disciples gathered on a winter night before a sacred fire to take their vows of formal renunciation–henceforth they were to serve God as monks.  Their leader, the future Swami Vivekananda, told his brothers the story of Jesus’ life, asking them to become Christs themselves, to pledge themselves to aid in the redemption of the world, and to deny themselves as Jesus had done.  Later, the monks discovered that this evening had been the Christian Christmas Eve–a very propitious occasion for their vows.” Loc 79

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