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Come to London with me. 2015 London but also 1850s London, Calcutta, Rangoon and Hong Kong.
Would you like to play a game?
Game lasts 2 weeks.
Filter game tweets by #game1850
(Time) We travel time by reassigning tenses. Present tense=1850s. Future tense=2015.
(Your persona) Choose & become a relative living in 1850s. You have between 16-64 choices depending on your age.
Interact with my content or others’ content on Twitter as your 1850s self.

More information and the first question of the game on Twitter @Audrey Bastian.

(You don’t need a Twitter account to follow the game. Google @AudreyBastian. You can be a lurker or tweet me, whatever is more comfortable for you.)


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