Journal Excerpt: Bethesda Writing Critique

From my journal of 11-4-12:

“Sunday, November 4, 2012

I’m reading the daily journal of Levi Savage from his 1852 mission to South Asia and on into his later years.  It reminds me how vital journals are in reconstructing our lives.  Without Levi’s journal, we wouldn’t have as much detail about so much of early church history.  So in the past few days I’ve been trying to remind myself to work on my daily journal.

And I’ve been pretty optimistic recently.  Last night my mom took me to this meeting which I didn’t realize was for a Mormon who was promoting his history about J Golden Kimball (a Mormon apostle).  I got a chance to ask about the process of writing, publishing, and promoting his book.  And I walked away wondering if writing a book about Elam Luddington is in my future.

Right now I have a manuscript of ten double spaced pages that I’m workshopping with a writer’s group in Bethesda.  I’m pretty nervous about their criticism because it is a story about a Mormon missionary.  I welcome the criticism because I want to get the feeling from an outsider’s point of view what the perception of this kind of story is and how it rankles or appeals.  We’ll see.  The workshop is on Thursday and I’m not expecting them to like the story.  They are excellent critiquers so I believe I will get a lot of good feedback….”


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