Journal Excerpt: Getting back into the Groove

From my journal 5/20/2013:

“I’m working on my first chapter again.  I’m starting to feel the groove again.  For a while I had a hard time sitting down to write or even research.  I think my focus was caught up in my brother’s graduation.  I feel like I’m in the groove when I want to re-read my own work because it’s interesting to me and that is happening.  I started a new Twitter account and am close to 5000 page likes on Facebook.  My website it coming along.  I have new business cards which I love.  It took me three tries to get them right but I finally found a company that does a really good job making them.


The book is taking on a gritty quality for me.  Because I’m using his own words, he comes alive more for me.  Tonight I am attending the Washington Biography Group meeting on how to give a good book talk.  I tried to present one already but don’t feel I did a great job.  It will be good to get a feel for what others have done.


I am also looking forward to going to Utah for the Mormon History Association Conference.  I think it will be a great opportunity to network and get an idea of what other people are doing.”


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