Journal Excerpt: Getting Organized

From my journal 12-1-12:



I’m really excited about the book I’m writing about Elam Luddington, the pioneer missionary to Siam.  I just got another couple of emails from his relatives who have been the primary researchers on his life.  They feel that Elam wants his story to be told and they’ve been led to find more details about him.

This is exciting.

I am writing today because my mom suggested that I write down when I have some inspiration regarding the story so here it is:

The other morning I woke up with the thought that I should use color coded index cards to organize my information.  Up until now I’ve been scratching notes on random pieces of paper and sliding them away in different locations.  Not sure if I can even find them all again.

So yesterday, my book working day, I spent hours cataloguing my information based on the type of information it was and the relative time period.  I also contacted the families again for more information.

I also prayed yesterday about how to write the book.  The first time I prayed a few weeks ago I had the thought to start the book out with Elam’s near death experience he recounts in his autobiography about him slipping while he’s reefing the sails…”


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