Journal Excerpt: Why Write about Siam?

From my journal of 9-30-12


So, having said that I’m writing.  I really want to write the kind of books I read.  Books that are history but read like novels.  Really well researched and active books.  As I write these posts on my website about these early missionaries, I feel I am getting a chance to do it.

This has been an evolving process.  I kept writing stories and articles about other people, Egyptians and Thai people because I love international affairs.  The problem is that in the real world–of which I am a part–there isn’t much tolerance for writing about someone else.  Professionals want you to write about your own people.  Of course you can write about others but they would expect you to investigate and spend your life getting to know the nuances before you would qualify for a solid history.  A short article in the paper may be different but real quality writing comes best from people who have insight and can draw from the heart beat of the people.  So I can write about anything but what am I best equipped to write about?

So, reluctantly I decided I should write about Mormons.  Mitt Romney is running for president right now.  Lots of people are asking questions about Mormons.  Lots of people on the East coast don’t know much about Mormons.  Therefore, there is a climate of interest.  And, I think there is a lot of junk printed for about and of Mormons.

And although I began with reluctant heart, I am starting to enjoy myself more than I thought.  Mormons are incredibly interesting.  All Mormons can trace their history to a conversion story and that is usually a life changing experience.  I am looking forward to writing more….”

Update 3/1/15

Writing about Siam came about because I worked in Bangkok two summers and wanted to write something about Thailand.  To write about Thailand, I thought I would throw a Mormon into the mix to see what kind of dynamic I would find.

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