Journal Update: Writing in the Fall

I’m preparing for a trilingual interpreting assignment; Arabic, American Sign Language, and English.  Much of my spare time has been spent recently in preparing for the Arabic part so I haven’t had as much time for the book but I do work on it.  Here are some journal entries I’ve written recently.  Fall is when I interpret a lot more so that December, January, and the summer I can spend more time on my book.  (I back dated this post.)

Here are some journal entries:



“…And I think it’s ok to say I’ve had a block.  It’s been hard for me to want to write which has not always been the case.  I guess there are certain topics and issues that I would rather not deal with on paper perhaps.

I’ve ran an Indiegogo campaign to help fund my research in New York and New Haven.  Many people have been very generous to donate some money to help me go.  In total I have now earned $836 and my goal was $500.  I’m excited not only for the help but that I will be able to give these donors a taste of the book and the research.  I’m hoping that I can do a good enough job that people will get excited about it….”



“…I’m working on my book.  Perhaps I could say I’m on chapter 3 where they are traveling from Salt Lake to Calcutta but since I also work on other parts simultaneously, I can’t confine it to just reporting chapter three.

It’s been really interesting because I toggle three different journals to get events of the journey.  And I find myself wondering what the other guy was thinking as we pass through southern Utah and beyond.

I returned from a trip to New York, New Haven, New Hampshire and Vermont researching the origins of Elam Luddington.  It feels right to do it and things are coming together for me in my mind.  I was mugged in New Haven.  Or it was a snatch and grab.  Someone grabbed my iPhone and ran.  I chased him for several blocks but he got away in his buddy’s suv.  I was so happy on that trip.  It was exactly what I love to do, exactly.  I didn’t want to come back home.

But when I did come back home, nothing seems to be the same.  I can still escape into the world of the 1800s and Elam’s life.  Somehow I feel a bit more grounded.  Perhaps this book is what everything else was leading me toward.

You see, writing a book is not just about writing I believe.  To have enough experience and wisdom to write a legitimate non-fiction book you ought to be a bit older and exposed to many things.  Perhaps I have not arrived but I’m older than I used to be and it seems possible that I could succeed….”




“…The book is so fun….”



“…The book.

I haven’t had the time to spend to writing my book but thank goodness for Rochelle Kainer who forces me to write weekly by our appointments on Wednesday nights.  For two hours we discuss our work and I have to have something for her.  Chapter three is coming together.  I am building it end to beginning.  In other words they arrive in Calcutta and then I’m building the story to that point so that I make sure the arrival is the focal point….”



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