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MHA 2014: Spanish Missions

I begin incredulous that a Mormon History Association conference in San Antonio is possibly just another excuse to travel. However, I did find some connections in surprising ways.

Unfortunately Christian missions, including Mormon missions have historically tried to convert not just to the religion but also turn the people away from their own culture and traditions. Where is the lines and boundaries between religion and self determination?

I’m starting to become mesmerized at this point. The art is breathtaking.

‘simian’ should read ‘similar’. Typo.

I find this history of Spanish missions compelling. A group of people take back their country but then didn’t know where to stop. They ended up becoming the people they were fighting.

In all the loveliness of the missions, I didn’t want to lose track of the sacrifice people underwent there.

Defending the faith is an interesting concept. What are the limits of toleration and defense?

This visitor’s center movie was excellent! They really tried to show the indigenous struggle and sacrifice as well as the Spanish conquerors.

It seemed doubtful at the Alamo that I’d find anything to connect to Luddington but then suddenly I remembered….

Although people convert because they believe something is true, there usually is something that instigates that change or openness to something new. I like to think about the dynamics of conversion.

This is supposed to be a beautiful temple. Too bad we couldn’t stop.

Definitely in the church. History has only made me love the church more. I don’t think life is perfect so when I find things too pristine, I start to doubt. The church has a gritty history. Fits me perfectly.

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