Adobe Tabernacle

Special Conference III: Called without Warning

S pecial Conference: Salt Lake City, Utah, USA August 28-29, 1852

On August 28, 1852 Brigham Young, a carpenter, blacksmith and president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints called 98 men without previous warning to serve missions throughout the world. India, Siam, China, as well as England, Ireland, Wales, France, Germany, Capital of Prussia, Norway, Gibralter, Nova Scotia, West Indies, British Guiana, Texas, New Orleans, St. Louis, Iowa, Washington City, Australia, and the Sandwich Islands.

In October ten more men were called. Among them, our missionary to Siam, Elam Luddington.

[The figure 108 comes from articles I read, however, looking at the primary source that I have, the minutes of the October conference, it seems to give a less specific number.  Does anyone know where the 108 number comes from?  From my understanding there are 98 called in the August conference which would mean 10 more in the October conference.]

[Update 8/29/2013: I found the discrepancy.  The primary source reads, “The clerk read 98 names of individuals who had been proposed to foreign missions.”  Then after the conference was adjourned they reconvened at 2pm.  Then it reads, “The following elders were then appointed to their several missions:”.  107 names are then listed with their mission locations.  Why the discrepancy?  The number 108 may come from an additional elder called not on the list.  Perhaps that person was Harlow Redfield who is mentioned in General Epistle #7 but not in the list from the conference.]

The elders met in the “Tabernacle”
The Mormons did not meet in the Tabernacle currently in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. A gabled roof, or A-line, building made of adobe was completed right as their April 1852 conference concluded.

What does “tabernacle” mean? The word tabernacle comes from the Hebrew scriptures and is used to denote the tent or dwelling place of deity. Later the Israelites built the Temple in Jerusalem to replace their tabernacle.

What did the Mormons use the Tabernacle for? Brigham Young directed Truman O. Angell to design a structure to house large audiences for conferences.

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Source: Deseret News, –Extra. Great Salt Lake City, U.T., September 14, 1852. pg 10. Digitized by the Internet Archive. “Minutes of conference a special conference of the Elders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, assembled in the…” Accessed at: on 3/9/2013.
Source: Grow, Stewart L. “Buildings on the Temple Block Preceding the Tabernacle” in The Tabernacle: “An Old and Wonderful Friend,” ed. Scott C. Esplin (Provo, UT: Religious Studies Center, Brigham Young University, 2007), 107-136. Accessed at: on 6 March 2013.

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    Tabernacle: Hebrew miškan משכן Arabic maskan مَسكَن — same “dwelling” s/š-k-n root. 🙂


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