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Taking Feedback from Professional Agents

Organizers of the Books Alive Conference in Bethesda, Maryland yesterday invited to me to pitch my book to professional agents and receive feedback in front of a live audience.  I gave it memorized. A panelist, author and conference attendee, Monica Bhide snapped a picture of me taking feedback. (I’m in purple standing back from the podium while the agent to my right is speaking.)

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Publishing Update

Thank you for your support, interest, and mentoring with this project.  I thought it might be helpful to give you an idea of where I am with publishing this book.

Publishers and Agents

I have a publisher and an agent who show enthusiasm to see the project.  Both are not Mormon.  The publisher is a major publisher.  I’m not sure the extent of the agent’s contacts.  When I feel I’ve reached the standard of quality I’ve set for myself, I will show it to both of them and am approaching others as well.  After returning from London, I feel more confident about the research quality.  Now I will write that research into the book.

Writing on Other Topics?

Some have suggested I write features for blogs and magazines while I’m working on the book.  While I’ve done a little of that, publishers ask me to write on other topics as well.  It’s challenging to research and spend time on other topics while I’m focused on the enormity of this book project.

Flexibility to Write

I own a business in Washington DC which is a full time job.  It gives me some flexibility to take off two weeks to go to London or attend a conference or two but when I’m working full time and researching this book at the level of quality I’m aiming for, it’s nearly impossible to write and research other topics.

I also worry about meeting deadlines with a publisher.  At this stage I still drop everything and handle my business demands first which at times delays progress with the book.  I want to get to a place with the book where I can meet a deadline if assigned.

Thank You

Thanks again for your encouragement.  Your enthusiasm spurs me on.  I will keep you updated as I know more.


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