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Special Missionary Conference II: Getting the Word Out

Church conferences were normally held in April and October.  This Special Missionary Conference  came a little early, August 28-29, 1852.  Another conference occurred in October as well with more missionaries called.  On Saturday, August 21, 1852 the Deseret News, the only newspaper in Salt Lake City at the time, published this announcement:

Special Conference of the elders of Israel, to commence, Saturday 28 Aug. 10 a.m. at the Tabernacle.  All elders, within reach, read and attend.

The original typesetter included the italics for the words read and attend in the quote.

The paper also included calls for several of the quorums, or groups of men, to report to their leaders.  The first and quickest Mormons crossing the plains in 1852 already just arrived.  Many more were now still out on the plains or crossing the mountains on their way to Great Salt Lake City, as they called it then.  The population would half again in 1852.

Source: Deseret News vol 2, Saturday, Aug 21, 1852 No. 21 Pg 3
Source: Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel Database http://history.lds.org/overlandtravels/home?lang=eng
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