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Ten 1852 Missionaries: P1

Ten 1852 Missionaries and their Backgrounds

The clerk called 107 names to serve serve missions at the August 28, 1852 special conference in Salt Lake City.  I created a database with their names, where they were called, date of birth, where they were born, date of death, and facts that caught my eye.

As I get confirmations for these elders, I will add it to the post.  Please feel free to add information and primary documentation as you have it.

Daniel Spencer.  Mission: Europe-England.  DOB: 1794.  Age in 1852: 58.  From: Massachusetts.  DOD: 1868.  Last mayor of Nauvoo.

Charles A Harper .  Mission: Europe-England.  DOB: 1817.  Age in 1852: 35. From: Pennsylvania.  DOD: 1900.  Grew up Quaker.

John Van Cott.  Mission: Europe-England.  DOB: 1814.  Age in 1852: 38. From: New York?? (need to verify).  DOD: 1903.  Cousin of Parley P Pratt.

David Grant.  Mission: Europe-England.  DOB: 1816.  Age in 1852: 36.  From: Scotland.  DOD: 1868.  Wife died trying to reach Utah.

Edward Martin.  Mission: Europe-England.  DOB: 1818.  Age in 1852: 34.  From: England.  DOD: 1882.  Led the Martin Handcart Company.

John S Fulmer.  Mission: Europe-England.  DOB: 1807.  Age in 1852: 45.  From: Pennsylvania.  DOD: 1883.  Inclined as a Baptist in his youth, with the Prophet Joseph Smith in Carthage Jail.

John Oakley.  Mission: Europe-England.  DOB: 1819.  Age in 1852: 33.  From: New York.  DOD: ??.  Wife would divorce him upon his return.

William Clayton. Mission: Europe-England.  DOB: 1814.  Age in 1852: 38.  From: England.  DOD: 1879.  Penned the words to “Come Come Ye Saints” (popular Mormon pioneer song).

William Pitt.  Mission: Europe-England.  DOB: 1814.  Age in 1852: 39.  From: England.  DOD: 1873.  Directed the Nauvoo brass band.

Thomas W Treat.  Mission: Europe-England.  DOB: 1811.  Age in 1852: 41.  From: New York.  DOD: 1860.  Grew up Quaker.

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