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The Walk to the Tabernacle

A walk that changed Elam Luddington’s life took at least 13:22 minutes.  Elam walked to the Tabernacle for October conference 1852 as a City Marshall, Assessor, and Collector.  He walked back home with a mission call to Siam.

How did we get 13:22 minutes?

In the Church Archives in Salt Lake City, Utah I found the 1852 census in Brigham Young’s office records.  Elam is listed in the 12th ward in 1852.  Next we used this map of 1885 Salt Lake City to determine where the twelfth ward was located.  (Although the map is of 1885 Salt Lake City, the wards maintained the same boundaries of 1852 Salt Lake City.)

Salt Lake City wards in 1852

Salt Lake City wards in 1852

Then Jared Allebest and I went for a walk with a stop watch on a smart phone.

Elam's Ward Trees.2Jared Allebest, a deaf lawyer located in Salt Lake City, used his legal mind and propensity for picking up visual cues to help me scope out Elam Luddington’s 12th ward location.  He suggested walking from the closest corner (northwest) of Elam’s city ward to the site of the first Tabernacle building.

For a picture of what the old Tabernacle looked like see this earlier post: Special Conference III: Called without Warning.

At a leisurely pace we arrived at the Assembly Hall, the location of the old Tabernacle in 13:22 minutes.
Here is a tree from the northern edge of Elam Luddington’s ward.  My next project is to consult an environmental historian to see if that particular kind of tree grew in the area in 1852.

Source: Brigham Young’s Office Files, 1852 Census, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Church History Library.
Source:  1885 Salt Lake City Ward Map, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Church History Library.
Photo (Assembly Hall): Photo by Audrey Bastian of Assembly Hall, Temple Square, Salt Lake City, Utah.
Photo (Tree): Photo by Audrey Bastian on South Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah.


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