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US Embassy Bangkok Denies Visa

The US Embassy in Bangkok has denied Tosawan Malabuppha’s visa the second time after Congressman Chris Van Hollen wrote a letter of support, she had ample evidence of return to Bangkok upon completion of her presentation at the Mormon History Association conference, and all expenses had been paid for her trip.

Tosawan Malabuppha said that the second officer reviewing her case spoke with the first officer who had denied her visa before denying it a second time.

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  1. Helen Horton 8 May 2015 at 11:35 am #

    I’m in shock. With all the documentation Tosawan Malabuppha has to demonstrate she will return to Bangkok after presenting at the Mormon History Conference in June 2015, I’m asking the question: What does it take to visit the US for a scholarly conference and present relevant information and perspective that only a foreign national can deliver?

    The United States should welcome such participation especially from a country that has been our friend for nearly two centuries. What is the agenda at the US Bangkok Embassy? She is a deaf research assistant for Audrey Bastian’s book about the first Mormon missionary to Siam in the 1850’s. This is not going to cause an international incident.

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